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  • Utah one of 11 states suing over transgender bathrooms May 26, 2016
    Utah is one of 11 states that sued the administration of President Barack Obama on Wednesday over a memo that threatened federal education funding if schools don’t allow transgender students to use the restroom that matches their gender identity. The suit, filed in federal court in Texas, alleges that the Obama administration unilaterally reinterpreted the […]
  • Watch: Elizabeth Smart discusses BYU Honor Code, sexual assault on 'Crime Watch Daily' May 26, 2016
    Kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart has joined the syndicated TV show “Crime Watch Daily” as a correspondent, and in her first episode discussed Brigham Young University’s Honor Code and the stories of two women who reported being sexually assaulted to the Provo school. Smart interviewed Hailey Allen and Colleen Dietz, who both have said that the […]
  • Utah man arrested in fatal shooting in Holladay May 26, 2016
    A 19-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting a Holladay man on Saturday during a burglary attempt at the victim’s apartment has been arrested, the Unified Police Department says. Damian Antonio Garcia, who was booked into Salt Lake County jail on Tuesday, also is accused of pistol whipping someone at the apartment and of shooting the […]
  • Committee seeks public comment on Utah judicial nominee May 26, 2016
    The Utah Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee is seeking public comment on Matthew Bates, who was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the 3rd District Court. Those who desire to comment should contact Mike Christensen at the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, Utah State Capitol Campus, House Building, Suite W210, PO Box 145210, […]
  • Man hit and killed after exiting his car on I-15 in Box Elder County May 26, 2016
    A 50-year-old man was killed on Interstate 15 Wednesday afternoon in Box Elder County when — after crashing his van — he got out and was hit by another vehicle, according to the Utah Highway Patrol. UHP Sgt. Todd Royce said that Allen Devaul, of South Jordan, who had his wife and her sister with […]
  • TSA vows to keep security lines manageable at Salt Lake City International Airport May 26, 2016
    The Transportation Security Administration says it is geared up and ready to help Salt Lake City International Airport avoid the extra-long lines at security checkpoints that have recently plagued other large U.S. airports. The agency gave that assurance Wednesday to an anxious Airport Advisory Board as the busy summer travel season is about to take […]
  • City Council skeptical of request for unlimited height at Salt Palace May 26, 2016
    How high is unlimited height? That’s what the Salt Lake City Council would like to know in the wake of a request by Salt Lake County to remove height limits on the Salt Palace Convention Center property between South Temple and 200 South from West Temple to 200 West downtown. Current zoning in that area […]
  • Transparency hiccup: UTA Board adopts service plan before hearing criticism of it May 26, 2016
    A first attempt at greater transparency by the Utah Transit Authority Board on Wednesday had a hiccup when the board adopted a plan on how to serve minorities before it managed to hear some significant public criticism of the data behind it. When the board finally did hear some of that late in its meeting, […]
  • Men charged in alleged beating, pistol-whipping at Midvale home May 26, 2016
    A pair of Midvale men are facing felony aggravated assault charges following and alleged fight and pistol-whipping that left a third person hospitalized with spinal fractures and other injuries. Documents filed last week in West Jordan’s 3rd District Court say the injured man also was also left with a visible imprint of a shoe on […]
  • Kirby: Annoyed by airport security? Just be glad I'm not your TSA agent May 26, 2016
    We got lucky in Orlando, Fla., and Salt Lake City. Lines at TSA checkpoints did not rat maze through the airport, extend out the door and stretch over the horizon. In Salt Lake City, we were through security in under 20 minutes. We would have made it through sooner if I hadn’t pestered the agents […]

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  • Mount Vernon exhibit looks at Washington as slaveholder May 26, 2016
    Mount Vernon, Va. • It is the unavoidable Achilles’ heel in the reputation of George Washington and so many other Founding Fathers: that men who risked their lives to protect their nation’s liberty also were slaveholders. That dichotomy will be explored in a new exhibit at Washington’s Mount Vernon estate, in a museum space previously […]
  • Babies behind bars: Should moms do time with their newborns? May 26, 2016
    Bedford Hills, N.Y. • Jennifer Dumas sits on a sofa, her smiling 6-month-old girl on her lap. The room is full of bright toys and children’s books. A rainbow-colored activity mat is on the floor, and Winnie the Pooh is painted on the walls. It looks like any other nursery, except that there are bars […]
  • Commentary: Fewer churches are involved in politics, and why that's not good May 26, 2016
    My neighborhood polling place is in a church a short walk from my house. But providing a space to vote is about as political as many churches get. A study I recently published suggests fewer churches are participating in political activities such as sponsoring candidate forums, conducting voter-registration drives, and distributing voter guides. In contrast, […]
  • In Switzerland, Muslim schoolchildren who refuse to shake their teacher's hand may be fined $5,000 May 26, 2016
    In Switzerland, the humble handshake between a teacher and children at the beginning and end of the day — a tradition throughout much of the country — has become an unlikely battleground in a public debate about religious freedom and sexual equality. Now, one Swiss canton has added a financial element to the controversy, warning […]
  • Couple file bias complaint after inn refused to host their nonreligious wedding May 26, 2016
    GALENA, Ill. • A Wisconsin couple have filed a discrimination charge with the state of Illinois saying that an inn owner refused to host their wedding because they wanted a nonreligious service. Jonathan Webber and Alexandra Katzman of Eau Claire, Wisc., filed the charge against Bernadine’s Stillman Inn in Galena, Illinois, last month with the […]
  • Pope Francis embraces Al-Azhar imam in sign of renewed Catholic-Muslim relations May 26, 2016
    Vatican City • Pope Francis on Monday embraced the grand imam of Al-Azhar, the prestigious Sunni Muslim center of learning, reopening an important channel for Catholic-Muslim dialogue after a five-year lull and at a time of increased Islamic extremist attacks on Christians. As Sheik Ahmed el-Tayyib arrived for his audience in the Apostolic Palace, Francis […]
  • Republican tries to block nominee from office because he is a Muslim May 26, 2016
    A Christian pastor in the nation’s third-most-populous county tried to stop a Muslim man from serving in the local Republican Party because of his religion. The massive jurisdiction of Harris County, Texas — with 4 million residents in Houston and its surroundings — has more than 1,000 precincts, and the Republican Party appoints a chair […]
  • United Methodist conference seen as confusing even to God May 26, 2016
    Portland, Ore. • The debate — over how to debate the rules — became so convoluted that at one point Missouri delegate Margie Briggs called for prayer and said: “I believe we are confusing God at this point.” Whether God was confused, many people were during the 11-day roller coaster ride that was the United […]
  • Muslim-American women try to succeed in politics in ways their fathers couldn't May 26, 2016
    When Raaheela Ahmed knocks on doors to meet potential voters, she covers her black headscarf with a floppy hat so people won’t be distracted from what she has to say. She greets high school students as “y’all” and confides, with a disarming laugh, that she sometimes sneaks to her office gym to pray. Poised and […]
  • Louisiana set to expand hate crimes law to include police May 25, 2016
    Baton Rouge, La. • Louisiana is poised to become the first state in the nation to expand its hate-crime laws to protect police, firefighters and emergency medical crews — a move that could stir the national debate over the relationship between law enforcement and minorities. If signed by the governor, the new law would allow […]