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  • Thousands attend U.S. rallies to support Obamacare January 16, 2017
    Warren, Mich. • Thousands of people showed up in freezing temperatures Sunday in Michigan to hear Sen. Bernie Sanders denounce Republican efforts to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law, one of dozens of rallies Democrats staged across the country to highlight opposition. Labor unions were a strong presence at the demonstration in a parking […]
  • Trump's education pick to champion school vouchers January 16, 2017
    Washington • Charter school advocate Betsy DeVos is widely expected to push for expanding school choice programs if confirmed as education secretary, prompting pushback from teachers unions. But Democrats and activists also are raising concerns about how her conservative Christian beliefs and advocacy for family values might impact minority and LGBT students. The wealthy Republican […]
  • As robots take jobs, Europeans mull free money for all January 16, 2017
    PARIS • I am, therefore I’m paid. The radical notion that governments should hand out free money to everyone — rich and poor, those who work and those who don’t — is slowly but surely gaining ground in Europe. Yes, you read that right: a guaranteed monthly living allowance, no strings attached. In France, two […]
  • Priebus to Obama: 'Step up' and quiet Democrats who question Trump's legitimacy January 16, 2017
    A top aide to President-elect Donald Trump called on President Barack Obama Sunday to tell fellow Democrats to stop questioning Trump’s legitimacy -- and rejected comparisons to Trump’s own well-publicized doubts about Obama’s eligibility to serve. The remarks from incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus came after a prominent lawmaker and civil-rights activist, […]
  • Widow of LaVoy Finicum carries on his mission January 16, 2017
    Salem, Ore. • Leaders of an armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon were driving to a public meeting a year ago when police shot and killed one of them at a roadblock. Now, LaVoy Finicum’s widow and their children are planning to hold that meeting later this month in the same […]
  • Trump to meet with Martin Luther King III on Monday to discuss voting rights January 16, 2017
    President-elect Donald Trump, who spent the weekend engaged in a war of words with civil rights activist and Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, will meet Monday with Martin Luther King III to discuss voting rights. “Today, President-elect Trump is going to sit down with Martin Luther King III and others in New York and have a […]
  • EU nations react with surprise, defiance to Trump remarks January 16, 2017
    Brussels • European Union nations reacted with surprise and defiance Monday to Donald Trump’s comments that he believed NATO was “obsolete” and that more member states would leave the 28-nation EU. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the U.S. president-elect’s view on NATO and criticism that allied members weren’t paying their fair share has “caused […]
  • Trumping Trump? Democrat Cuomo courts 'middle-class anger' January 16, 2017
    Syracuse, N.Y. • An ambitious Democratic governor with possible White House aspirations has a formula for staying blue in the time of Trump: Take your progressive message directly to angst-ridden middle-class voters. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to break from tradition and roll out his state-of-the-state address in a series of speeches across the […]
  • Academics race to save rare colonial documents in Cuba January 16, 2017
    Havana • An American team of academics is racing to preserve millions of Cuban historical documents before they are lost to the elements and poor storage conditions. Many of the documents shed light on the slave trade, an integral part of Cuba’s colonial history that was intertwined with that of the United States. David Lafevor, […]
  • King's daughter: Fight 'no matter who is in White House' January 16, 2017
    Atlanta • As civil rights leaders and activists gather at sites across the country to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., the slain civil rights leader’s daughter is encouraging Americans to fight for his vision of love and justice “no matter who is in the White House.” Bernice King addressed more than 2,000 […]