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  • You better watch out ... Traffic enforcement increasing on 3300 S. in South Salt Lake November 27, 2015
    With December approaching, South Salt Lake police say they are increasing traffic enforcement on 3300 South and will keep up their enhanced vigilance in the following months. December is one of the four months of the year with the most recorded crashes in the city, said Gary Keller, public information officer for the South Salt […]
  • Editor column: 20 years ago, sltrib.com was born November 27, 2015
    We passed a milestone last week in The Salt Lake Tribune newsroom. Our website turned 20 years old. One more anniversary and it will be legal. When we threw the sltrib.com switch on Nov. 26, 1995, we were among the first newspapers in the country to launch a website. The early days were pretty rudimentary: […]
  • Witnesses in case against polygamous towns revealed November 27, 2015
    St. George •Witnesses set to testify in a civil rights lawsuit against polygamous towns on the Arizona-Utah line include a former bodyguard for Warren Jeffs, an ex-wife of a polygamous leader and a onetime chief of the towns’ marshal service. Federal attorneys have revealed names of the 44 witnesses they plan to call in the […]
  • Thanksgiving deal-hunting gains steam, but Black Friday sees plenty of Utah shoppers November 27, 2015
    Murray • At 10 a.m. Friday, Bobbie Killpack and her daughters had nearly filled the back of a white sport utility vehicle with shopping bags. Parked outside Fashion Place mall, they found space for their American Girl and Bath & Body Works purchases next to bags from Target and a big-screen television from Best Buy. […]
  • Judge: Murder defendant can't depose Utah prosecutors on use of death penalty November 27, 2015
    A St. George judge has amended a court order that would have allowed a murder defendant’s lawyers to depose all of Utah’s 29 county attorneys to determine why some seek the death penalty and some don’t. Attorneys for Brandon Perry Smith sought the depositions as part of an effort to have Utah’s death penalty statutes […]
  • Living history: Three men dedicated to preserving trails, and history November 27, 2015
    Last week, I heard the term “rut nuts,” had to track it down, and before long ran into the Utah Crossroads chapter of the national Oregon-California Trails Association. Since 1982, OCTA has steadfastly identified, marked, and protected historic trails and wagon roads to preserve the emigrant experience. On September 23, the national organization recognized three […]
  • Devout Mormons wonder anew: Can we really support gay marriage and still get into the temple? November 27, 2015
    Faithful Mormons who support gay marriage have been assured repeatedly by top leaders that they aren’t in danger of losing their temple privileges — even though the LDS Church takes the opposite view on such unions. Now these card-carrying members are worried, given that the Utah-based faith recently classified Mormons in same-sex marriages as “apostates.” […]
  • Mormon LGBT policy change triggers widespread backlash November 27, 2015
    New LDS Church rules targeting gay members and their children have triggered a firestorm of backlash from Mormons of all political backgrounds. Mormon scholar Patrick Mason said the symbolism of targeting kids has riled up even conservative, orthodox Latter-day Saints who don’t usually get on the LGBT bandwagon or question church decisions. Under the new […]
  • Stream access ruling opens can of legal worms in Utah November 27, 2015
    Earlier this month, 4th District Judge Derek Pullan ruled that the angling public has a right to walk steam beds through private property, overturning a controversial 2010 Utah law that minimized legal access to such waterways. Now confusion reigns along some trout streams, argue lawyers who intend to return to Pullan’s courtroom in search of […]
  • Thanksgiving Day shoppers lured by holiday deals November 27, 2015
    Forklift driver Chevon Livingston had a first-time experience on Thanksgiving Day that he swears will also be his last. Livingston, 21, of West Valley City, stood outside a South Salt Lake Best Buy for seven hours with his girlfriend in hopes of getting a blockbuster of a holiday deal. “We had to get a blanket […]

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  • Strikes on IS city, focus of international campaign, kill 8 November 27, 2015
    Beirut • A new wave of airstrikes targeting the Syrian city of Raqqa, the headquarters of the extremist Islamic State group and the focus of an international military campaign, killed at least eight people, including five children, Syrian opposition groups said Friday. The strikes came as France’s foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, declared that destroying the […]
  • A search for family in Haiti raises questions about adoption November 27, 2015
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti • As Mariette Williams waited for her flight from South Florida to Haiti, she paced the departure lounge, folding and re-folding her ticket and clutching the handle of a bag sagging with gifts. She was excited but terrified: For the first time in nearly 30 years, she was about to see her mother. […]
  • They may be museum pieces, but they're still toys November 27, 2015
    Washington • How many toys do you have? Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? Whatever you answered, the Smithsonian Institution can top that. Our “nation’s attic,” as the museum is sometimes called, has more than 4,000 toys! They include a 19th-century tricycle, one of the very first teddy bears (from 1903), several dollhouses and a toy you […]
  • Singer-songwriter Lera Lynn breaks out from 'True Detective' November 27, 2015
    Nashville, Tenn. • Singer songwriter Lera Lynn looks nothing like the character she played on season two of HBO’s crime noir series, “True Detective,” who sang woeful drug ballads in a seedy dive bar. Lynn said the main actors Vince Vaughn and Colin Firth probably never caught a glimpse of her on set without her […]
  • Feds extend comment period on plan to close areas to mining November 27, 2015
    Boise, Idaho • The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has extended the public comment period on the agency’s plan to withdraw 10 million acres of public lands in six western states from potential mineral extraction to protect habitat for the greater sage grouse. The comment period will last about three additional weeks to Jan. 15, […]
  • In Kenyan town, Christians worship under police guard November 27, 2015
    Garissa, Kenya • As song and prayer drifted from the open, ivy-lined doorways of a Catholic church in Garissa, several security officials, including Muslims, stood watch on the grounds nearby. Their presence was a reminder of the violence that hit this Kenyan town in April, when Islamic extremists killed nearly 150 people at a college […]
  • 3 officers, multiple civilians injured in shooting at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood November 27, 2015
    Colorado Springs, Colo. • At least four police officers have been shot and multiple civilians have been injured in an ongoing active shooter situation at a Colorado Springs branch of Planned Parenthood on Friday afternoon. “This is still a very active situation,” Colorado Springs Police Lt. Catherine Buckley said. By 2:45 p.m., five people injured […]
  • Violence toward Black Lives Matter activists erases any doubt: We live in a time of racial strife November 27, 2015
    First there was that incident at the Trump rally in Alabama. You know, the one where a protester with, shall we say, some ideas that are not terribly compatible with those of Trump or many of his supporters, showed up. He wound up on the ground, taking a beating and throwing some punches of his […]
  • Reporter mocked by Trump says the 2 knew each other well November 27, 2015
    Washington • Donald Trump said he couldn’t have been making fun of a reporter’s disability because he doesn’t know the man. Not so, says the reporter. Serge Kovaleski of The New York Times says he has met Trump repeatedly, interviewing him in his office and talking to him at news conferences, when he worked for […]
  • Yemeni city battered by siege in pivotal battle of civil war November 27, 2015
    Sanaa, Yemen • In Yemen’s third largest city, residents are battling back against a months-long siege by Shiite rebels, armed by airdrops of weapons by planes from the Saudi-led coalition, with hundreds killed and food, water and medicines running short in a potentially pivotal battle in the country’s protracted civil war. The Shiite rebels, known […]

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